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Updated: Aug 14, 2022

I want to evolve with you and discover every side of me

As I live through days, and nights, and dreams, and hopes.

I want to inspire you, as much as you excite me,

To reach towards anything that you can be,

And everything we can experience

As friends, as lovers, as souls – together.

I want to ride with you baby and explore your heart.

I want to grow wise with you and never feel pain again.

I want to let go of my ghosts and feel reborn by your side.

I want to put stars in your eyes and take you on our journey!

I want to love you and fall in love with you

Every day, a little more…

Until we can light up a city with our fire

Until our souls know how to dance

I want to look you in the eyes and know that you are mine,

In this lifetime and perhaps in the one thereafter.

I want to feel your heartbeat and call it home,

Be able to fully surrender without fear.

Baby I want to love you, and tell you everyday

Until I have lived and loved and learned

What it is to be human and what it is to be alive.

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