What You Need to Know About Me

My name is Helga Gulla Bjarkadottir and I was born in Reykjavik (Iceland) in October 1992. I moved to Brittany, France, at the age of 8 and got the chance to embrace the best of both cultures growing up. Feeling quite international and drawn to people of all ages and backgrounds, it was only natural for me to seek new horizons and so after graduating from International Business and Customer Relations in 2016, I moved to beautiful London where I have been living and working ever since, diving into the melting pot and discovering a passion for Yoga, Spirituality and Self-Realization (currently training for a RYT 200 qualification in Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga).

I believe that all individuals are beautiful souls, seeking to blossom and become better each day. It can be confusing out there and a lot of us experience feeling anxious, disconnected and sluggish. It is my mission to remind you that you have the power within you to shine, manifest your desires, and share with others what makes you unique. I hope to inspire you to live your most healthy and vibrant life and encourage you to be a creator.

On Sunny Yoga Flow, you will find articles, poems and essays that I write under the blog section, yoga classes as well as guided meditations and a selection of some of my favourite photos. You also have the option to get yourself a session with me through bookings. ​Thank you for visiting my sacred space and thank you for being part of the SUNNY COMMUNITY seeking light and spreading love ☼