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A New Era Of Me

I am coming back to my sacred practice. The dedicated one.

Yet it's different from last time.

I am different.

I've evolved, lived, grown and felt multiple layers.

My body and expression are asking me to open up to new heights.

I ask my heart: "what do I need to give myself, what do i need to give myself?"

I am coming back to my daily practice on the mat, enjoying a harmonious, purposeful and authentic altar filling my being with with beauty, inspiration - guidance and support.

My body makes contact with the block early morning, sitting bones grounded into earth.

My body tells me which part of it needs moving first, and which part needs stretching, stillness and attention, for extra-expansion.

I understand what I need to give myself.

And I'm giving it to myself.

I'm holding myself wholeheartedly;

Loving all parts of me and giving myself recognition and validation.

The yogi, the artist, the joker, the dancer, singer, nature lover and business woman.

It's a new era of me baby, and I'm welcoming the whole package.

I've found that you only start living when you stop being afraid.

Stop wondering what others will think or if you'll fit in over there.

Do you darling and create the fit that's right for you, the one that comes with joy.

Let your voice be heard, sing a little song, do the dance - and don't forget to laugh.

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