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Words Versus Body

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

When I first opened this platform, it was all about words.

I had bags of things to express.

It started with blog posts back in April 2020 in the middle of the pandemic in the heart of South Wimbledon in London. I had just been made redundant, as many of you I'm sure during that period, and luckily I was put on furlough.

This opened a door for me to get to focus on myself for a few months & build up the foundation for what I do today.

I felt a strong call to create, write & share my experience with others. I opened Sunny Yoga Flow as a website and uploaded my first posts. Some of these

articles were quite raw & personal but I didn't shy away from what I needed to put out there. I believe it was my authentic duty at the time and it certainly helped me heal & evolve; step higher & better into my purpose.

Fast forward a year later, I became a certified Yoga Teacher. What a blessing & achievement for myself, I had finally done it. It was a goal I had set as far back as 2018.

During the classes that I taught in my home in London, I very much put an emphasis on words and vocal instructions. I loved giving a beautiful guided meditation for example during savasana and I believe my words had power & a lovely lasting effect on participants.

Coming into 2023 and having relocated to Liverpool in a quiet little town just outside of the city center, I have noticed changes both in my online teachings & personal practice. I am now moving & guiding others in a way that feels very spacious, juicy, poetic and feminine. I use my body as the medicine, the teacher, the WISE one. It's somatic and oh so intuitive.

And this goes beyond my yoga mat too; when I have a day where I feel a little low & uninspired, I sit and listen to my body. Through sensations from different parts of it, I can understand what I need to do.

Maybe I need to give myself grace & rest.

Perhaps it's movement that I crave.

My being might want creativity & connection - a flow state activity such as music or art.

I am not using words as much at this time. I resonate with expression of the body, in whatever way & shape that comes. I am aware of my energies & how they feel inside.

It's magic & so magnetic.

If my gut invites me to jump around & dance, that's what I'll do.

Then I find stillness, new space within.

Simple. Effective.

All this to say that we have various senses as human beings for a reason, and the body can often tell you what you need. Yoga teachers & healers can for sure be a beautiful support for you but don't rely just on that: EXPLORE WITHIN, because you already have it all. You are the secret sauce!

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