By taking a moment for yourself to tune inwards, you make the conscious intention of recharging your batteries wonderfully away from the noise and responsibilities from the outside world, that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Meditation enables you to reconnect with your highest self and see that you are strong, vibrant, and full of resources. You are a creator and can do anything you want if you just put your mind to it.


Sleep is an important part of development and is crucial for your Wellbeing. A good night sleep helps the mind consolidate and make sense of activities that happened during the day. It also files away the memories made and recharges your batteries. Follow the gentle sound of my voice for a relaxed state of surrender, easing you into your dreams. You will be guided through a warm space of love and light, focused on ocean waves, the body, and visualization. Take this time for yourself, grab your headphones, find a comfortable position and close your eyes.