Welcome to your SUNNY YOGA FLOW session with me. My name is Helga and I practice Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga.

This is a session for people who are interested in Yoga but don’t have much experience or simply want a safe and serene 15 min yoga sequence to practice. During this quick and fairly easy 15 MIN YOGA FLOW, you will find some of the basic, simple, and JUICY poses to familiarize yourself with Yoga.

This should create space within your body and empower your magickal self!

If anyone watching this has any particular question or comment about a pose or a transition, please feel free to come speak to me, under the contact session. I’ll be more than happy to connect with you.

PS. it is normal to feel some pressure on the wrists at the beginning, however always listen to yourself and take breaks in between to rest and stretch if needed. For those interested in developing their interest further, you can have a look at my blog article on the benefits of Yoga:

Lots and lots of love from me to you,

May you SHINE and emanate your vital FORCE,

Helga ☼



Welcome to your Sunny Yoga Flow evening session. I hope you are well and ready to take a moment for yourself.

The focus of this class is to let go of the day and find stillness in the moment: right now, right here.

Take a deep inhalation - relax your shoulders and soften your face.

Let's begin.

Love, Helga.