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Why Are You So Quiet?

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Why are you so quiet?

Or - when are you coming out of your shell? Have you ever been asked that before, perhaps at your workplace or just with your family & friends. If you have, chances are you didn’t like that very much and felt like you were put on the spot, or asked to be different than your normal self, like there was something wrong with you, missing.

What I’ve learned over the years about introverts and extroverts is really interesting and a topic I feel is always close to my heart. As an introvert myself (INFP), I’ve had to learn to set boundaries in life and more importantly, to be comfortable in my own skin and not give into any pressure from the outside world. Truth is, our societies need both introverts and extroverts as each personality type has wonderful things to offer; we just have to love ourselves first.

It’s like with everything in life, there are dualities, contrasts and opposites that are just beautiful and there to create balance and harmony, to help us learn and evolve, and so to anyone out there that has ever experienced feeling less important because they were introverted, I say, document yourself on it, look up artists and inspiring people who talk about it and how they tackled it - I’m thinking of Joni Mitchell, Lorde, Bob Dylan and more! There’s a great website that taught me literally everything I know on the subject and helped me to be at ease with myself, cut myself some slack: - enjoy!

And if you want to deepen your knowledge about yourself, you can take this gorgeous personality test to see where you’re at on the introvert - extrovert scale and what it might mean for you:

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