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I used to think that being free meant to be a gypsy soul, a free spirit ; an activist of some sort.

I didn't quite understand the chaos in me, when using these words, and how I was projecting that onto the world.

Rather than being against, be with.

Rather than fighting for, care for.

I now comprehend that freedom is the purity of the mind, a peace that comes from Self.

It is absolute authenticity.

The recognition, and in turn, the detachment from what does not serve you (excessive emotions, material things and external outcomes).

Only now do I appreciate the essence of "free spirit", and "gypsy soul".

Rather than being this untameable person, not fitting in, and resisting the system, I am now an enlightened being, pouring more of what I want to see in this world, from an open & free heart.

I am free because I understand that we are all one.

I am free because I see that nature is divine, and I sense how I am connected to it all.

I am free, because I am a creator, and have the power to be.

Don't fight for your freedom, be freedom.

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