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Updated: Sep 5, 2020

st ives cornwall

Eckhart Tolle wrote: “being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you ”.

Being at EASE, with not knowing, is CRUCIAL for answers to COME to you.

Beautiful. Powerful. True.

For those who have spent sleepless nights hoping for a more meaningful, enjoyable & authentic life – this is for you.

We’ve all met people that are larger than life and live so unapologetically, that you start to wonder how they do it. Their joy, way of expressing themselves and life choices are inspiring. They seem free.

Deep down you know you have this spark too because you know who you are, what you stand for & what puts your soul on fire… but most of us only get a glimpse of that every now and then, spending a great part of our existence somewhere just living “comme il faut ”.

I think we can all agree that life’s purpose isn’t about trying to be happy all the time, but we sure ain’t here to feel miserable either.

We’ve been brought up believing that life’s hard and competitive and that in order to succeed, you’ve got to respect the social codes and follow the smart and safe path, regardless of what your gut feeling is telling you.

Maybe this works out well for some, but I’ve heard enough to know that it doesn’t quite resonate with the majority of folks out there - especially here in our western societies, where the fast-paced way of living is literally killing our flow and burying our true self .

The easiest way to get closer to what you desire, might be to proceed by elimination. Sort of a process of unlearning. Thinking less with the mind and more with the heart.

Listening to your voice rather than everybody else’s.

Start to notice (with kindness) what you don’t want in your life: the type of job that doesn’t resonate with you, attitudes from others that you disapprove of, opinions you can’t stand to hear, lifestyles that you find uninspiring: the VIBES and VALUES that have nothing to do in your sacred space.

Once you begin to "delete" those things, you’re naturally going to start using your intuition much more for guidance, to make decisions, and engage in activities and relations just right for you! Your true self will shine and you will know what you really want to LIVE, BREATH and SERVE.

Life will get abundant with you and send the most relevant opportunities your way, put the right people on your path and anything else in between to help you create your universe.

This doesn’t mean that life won’t come with its share of pain and challenges, because come on, that’s just life, but once you start to vibrate that higher frequency, you will have a whole new flow of peace, gratitude, abundance, and purpose.

You’ll be in this beautiful place where you’ll be the creator of your life.

You will connect with others genuinely and perhaps even inspire loved ones & people around you to tap into that life force too.

Let us choose: abundance over scarcity, cooperation over competition, choice over passiveness, and joy over fear.

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