• Helga Gulla Bjarkadóttir


Updated: Mar 23, 2021

night out london polaroid friends

Hey you

Yes, you

I’m talking to you.

You, that speaks all the time

And sucks away my energy sometimes

You, that can’t shut up and won’t even breath between two words

You - one of the most beautiful human being I have ever seen.

You, that moves my soul just by expressing yourself

And you – that I want to squeeze and give all my light to

You - my friend, who gives me an ache in the heart

Every time you open your mouth.

You, that dances and moves in space as you please

You - that cries and laughs and sings just to tease

Oh you... who moves my heart out of my chest

Every time you simply exist.

Life has scared you and you’re still fighting your battles

But you don’t seem to let that matter

You’re beautiful, free and incredibly human

Oh you, arrogant and stubborn man.

You’re loving, and giving, and kind to others

You - who loves everyone and who everyone loves.

You’re like a cocktail of coloured explosion

Of everything that’s beauty and misery in this world

You, who I will always carry in my heart

Oh you... you’re life itself.

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