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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

soul groups

Some things are too painful to talk about with others and feel rather personal to publish online. They stay buried at the bottom of the ocean of our hearts for a while; leaving us with a concealed heartache to carry. We heal and eventually learn from it of course, but it takes inner work, patience and the art of letting go.

We navigate life meeting an infinite number of individuals and some bonds are more special, instant and deeper than others. I would call them soul bonds because they move you, challenge you and become part of you ; helping you discover life, yourself and what relationships mean.

Vibrant and authentic connections with people are the most beautiful thing in the world and can feel better than the air you breathe. I'm sure you've experienced this light on a heart/energetical level yourself: perhaps with a friend, lover, family member or even a stranger. Now, if at some point you've had to grief that, you know what I mean when I say it's hard.

Amongst some of the beautiful people I've encountered and the healing work that came with it, I'd like to honor & highlight two special relationships that will always have a place in my story.

I once had two best friends. They were like family to me and I loved them both very much. The three of us used to hang out a lot, and I eventually fell in love with them both . I chose to get together with one of them and for a couple of years, we shared a home where I discovered the immensity of his kindness. We enjoyed talking art and all sorts of nonsense in between ; we used to laugh until our bellies hurt: he had a twisted sense of humor, you see, and the wildest imagination. He knew how to provoke you, but in the good kind of way. He was the artistic one, the mysterious one and the intriguing one of the two. He was incredibly smart and had a whole universe of his own in his cells. He was by far one of the most generous person I had ever met and seeing life through his colorful lens was a joy. His heart was big and his walls even bigger, he wouldn't easily let you in. He was a story teller, a dreamer & highly sensitive. He was complex, stubborn and nothing short of charismatic. He was a Pisces.

The other one was the adventurer and runs wild as the wind, somewhere were I do not know of. He was the rebel, the free spirited one and could put a smile on your face just by entering the room. He was the type of person who made you ask yourself the right questions and gave things a fresh and meaningful perspective. He was a doer, a leader, and as feisty as fire. He was a Scorpio and clearly here to make the world a better place. His energy was magic and his intentions were pure. He was a humanist and a healer. He was passionate, curious and crafty. We had a soul bond like the ones you hear about in books or go see on screens in a movie. Letting go of his friendship was one of the hardest thing I've had to do in my life. It took me close to 7 years to truly let go of any regrets & be at peace with what we'd had.

But here's the spark: I strongly believe that people that matter to you cross your path for a reason, should it be for a long time, short time or perhaps a life time(s). They walk with you for a while and dance with your soul. Through them and with them, you get to experience the absolute magic of this universe and the joy of being, sharing and connecting - these people didn't meet you by accident: for sure they are your group of soul mates, the ones that move you in a particular way and leave their imprint on your heart across time & space.

Pay attention to these bonds, they may be here to teach you something or simply bring you love, healing and warmth. I am certain that we don't have one soul mate in this life but rather a group of people that are linked to you, regardless of how long they stay in your life, what role they play in it and how the relationship evolves/ends.

We all have various folks, that either hold our hand throughout our lives or shake us to our core in a glimpse, either way: they are our soul group and let us be grateful for them.

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