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Paying Money For Self-Development

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

We are all tied up to money aren’t we; that’s just how our society works, we have money and with that we can buy things and do stuff. The majority of us is tuned into a fear of lacking around it, and a mix of emotions and various limiting dynamics, weather we are aware of it or not.

Since I entered the wellbeing and spiritual world, I have been fascinated with the law of attraction and abundance and truly feel that there is so much we aren’t tapping into. I am understanding more and more that money, like anything else, is just a dance of energy, thoughts, and motions we put in place.

I never really had much money after leaving my parents house, I just sort of always had enough to get by and of course enough to do things that I enjoy and provide for myself decently, but I can’t say that I ever had any money to play with or treat myself to things I really dreamt of - as a lot of young people out there living in big international cities, I’m sure. However, I have now been exploring this refreshing, healthy and open mindset that tells me that I can embody and birth great things to come, including financial abundance.

There are several different techniques for manifesting the law of attraction and draw to you the life that you wish the most, but the common thing these methods all seem to say is that you have to drop right out of your logical mind, where things are rigid, on the plane of reality (often associated with low vibration energies such as fear, jealousy or anger) and immerse yourself in a state that is more fluid, cosmos like, where creation is possible and your divine can express itself, rise way above what's happening in your daily little routine. In other words, what you're really doing is allowing pleasure, limitlessness, and magnificence to flow through you and from there you become a magnet towards your highest self, and can start to be on that frequency where you manifest your reality. You can picture it, feel it, talk about it, draw it, write about it, birth it in your subconscious whilst you sit quietly in meditation or with your morning tea for example, when you're dancing, very present and rooted in the moment, or just happy and joyful, to eventually make it happen.

One of the dreams that I am visualising and reprograming my mind to be comfortable with at the moment is for me to have the ability to book wellness and spiritual growth retreats and coaching whenever I feel that it's something I need and want to do. I believe there are times where I resonate particularly with a theme or a teacher and I don't want the price of the experience to be a limit anymore. The old me would never had dared to think about paying big sums of money towards anything of the sort, thinking this was a fancy luxury other people could do, but I now understand that I have nothing to gain by limiting myself.

To all of those who think that spiritual teachers shouldn't charge lots for their services, I just want to say that I feel that it is worth it as you are not so much paying that money to that individual, you really are giving that gift to yourself by sowing that seed and telling the universe that you are manifesting great things and big sums of money, should it be incoming or outgoing, you are at that level and dynamic.

As one of the guides I look up to, Water Priestess Dakota Channel, exquisitely wrote on her website, when referring to one of her retreats that costs over $2,000: “Money is a form of love. A form of currency (current sea). By choosing to pour financial flow into this experience, my intention is that it comes back to you amplified beyond your wildest dreams. That through this investment in yourself, you emerge from the retreat with your chalice overflowing. Empowering you to show up ever more fully as the creatress of your life in service to the waters within and around you.”

I really like that and couldn’t have worded it better myself. I want to highlight how I value the support available out there and how we should not expect spiritual and self growth services to be cheap, but rather embrace what they can offer and the investment that we are putting in them, as we are equally investing in ourselves.

I feel that we don’t spend enough time, money and intention on ourselves, our self love and self growth; maybe if we started doing that, the dynamic of our lives would change; maybe the world would change?

I am a yoga teacher, meditation and breathwork facilitator passionate about self development, healing and self expression in all its forms, and I know from experience how guiding and helping people is something that just comes naturally to me and also how charging for it does not always (ahah)! So this is a reminder to myself as well as to other teachers and creators out there that we really should not minimise our worth and the value of our work by necessarily tend towards putting prices down, being in that space of scarcity and fear.

That said, everyone has to do what feels right to them and charge what they are comfortable with. To take my own example, I am a newly qualified yoga teacher and am delighted to charge £5 only per head for my weekly group classes that I hold at home. For me, at this time of my teaching and coaching journey, it is more about connecting with people, get myself out there and gain some experience but I feel completely at ease and happy in my heart to know that me too, in my foreseeable wonderful future, I will create beautiful experiences for people to come together and tap into magnificence and magnitude, and it will feel right to charge the price that my frequency aligns with.

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