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Updated: Sep 10, 2022

I have always been fascinated by psychology, philosophy, spirituality, cultures and societies...

The intangible is somehow the most precious thing we have as humans and as far as I can remember, I liked laying in bed or in nature, asking myself all the big and juicy existential questions.

This world is so marvellous and complex that one has to wonder what’s behind all the layers and try to get as close as possible to the higher purpose and meaning of the universe.

A few years back, around 2013-2016, I was obsessed with understanding all the different religions and read books about the existence (or not) of God. Throughout all this, I personally found myself most attracted to spirituality and the belief that we ourselves are divine and everything in the world is oneness and far beyond what we can comprehend with our human minds here on Earth.

I also believe that we reincarnate, in different lives over and over again, to better ourselves in each lifetime. I think the experiences are linked, and loved ones never lost.

I heard about Past Life Regression only a couple of years ago: a technique used to remember and get in touch with your past lives, often through the guidance of a PLR therapist. This is stunning and no joke: you can go back to important moments of your past lives, remember something that might give you closure and more importantly explain some behaviours and patterns in your current life.

You can also get advise from your spiritual guides (yes, we all have our squad that guides us, protects us and loves us at all times) and even remember loved ones, that more often than not, are present in your current life, reincarnated in another body - so the grandmother you loved so dearly from a past life and had strong bonds with might have chosen to still stay with you and come back reincarnating as your daughter in this life; your best friend could be your brother in the next life, and the soul of the first unborn child a mother lost could decide to come back as her third born child, for example.

The soul bonds created in a lifetime with others are very likely to stay close to you.

If we break it down, I think it is really about mastering kindness and oneness. We take the challenge of understanding kindness and love throughout different bodies, life situations, and eras.

I find Past Life Regression beautiful and precious, both on an individual level as it has helped so many people ; children in particular, who often come into this world with a vivid memory of their past life (especially if they died brutally) and just need to acknowledge it and get reassurance that they are now in a new chapter ; but also as an insight for humanity as a collective, because it enables us to understand how we are evolving as a species.

Some PLR therapists have gone as far as prehistory with their clients and have reported that they think, without doubt, that humans are indeed becoming better and better as time and life experiences go by. They illustrate this by talking about past life memories experienced by clients from times such as the Middle Ages for example or Slavery: the consideration for human lives were extremely poor compared to today and the evolution of our emotional openness towards one another is much better, as back in those days people would usually not talk about their feelings, which would cause them to shut them down and repress them, having a big impact on the next life ; whereas nowadays we have a great focus on well being and expressing what needs to be processed - which is of course much healthier and shows that we are evolving in a positive manner psychologically.

To go back to the obvious, here in the West throughout Europe and The Americas, we have Science, logic, and our stuck ways about reality and what is physically palpable, so I know people may be a bit sceptical about all this past life talk, but with the number of people experiencing it and openly putting it out there for the world to see through interviews, documentaries, researches, real life case studies with tangible proofs, books, and articles, I am amazed that this is still seen as some fantasy to be believed or not.

I personally think that the spiritual realm should be talked about more and mentioned in schools as well, to give children for new generations to come some perspective and understanding about what we know so far about the soul and its journey.

We can’t say today that this is just fiction, there are way too many cases of people who remember past lives (apparently most people will be able to access this information through a PLR session, unless they are completely unable to relax). There are also many cases of people who come back from a NDE (a near-death experience) and report experiencing the realm in between our world and the source.

There are some jaw dropping examples of young children who openly talk about their past life to their parents, so much so that they cant' ignore it. The details are mind blowing. The craziest thing is that some of them are even able to retrace the family members from the past life and reunite with them. Here are 3 of my favourite cases:

We are trying to make this world rational, and it shows through our education system, our collective believes or simply the conversations we have at the kitchen table as a family, but I would like to invite you to make a little more room for the intangible, in your life.

There is so much we can't grasp in our daily lives - but our soul has the bigger picture. Isn't that a wonderful, comforting and captivating thought?

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