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Updated: Aug 5, 2021

It was the fabulous Angela Cimpan, Holistic Therapist based in Clapham (London) who brought to my knowledge that each of us have our lives segmented in cycles of 9 years, where we go through specific phases each meaningful to our growth. She shared this information about two years ago, whilst I was in a cute and romantic, yet ridiculously tiny and expensive, Airbnb apartment in the heart of Montmartre (Paris) celebrating my 27th birthday. We had just come back from dining outside with my partner, when he told me his mother, Angela, had just messaged us to wish me a happy birthday and had told him I was now entering my new 9 years cycle, which was a concept I knew nothing about at the time but immediatly liked. We read a great deal about it on a website she gave us, and we got a reading personalised on the cycle I was entering based on my information. It made a lot of sense and only confirmed the positive shift I had been feeling for a while and was messily trying to step into! It was exciting and comforting.

I was born in Iceland from Icelandic parents and lived there up to age 8 (during my whole first 9 years cycle) and just about the very last year, between 8 and 9 we moved with my mum, French step dad and newly born baby brother to Brittany (France) where I spent the whole of my second cycle (from age 9 - 18). The third cycle was nothing short of interesting, to say the least - age 18 to 27 was a bit of a rollercoaster and includes my first years in London. I am very grateful for it all and fully embrace my fourth and current cycle, from now up to 36. I can feel the shift so strongly: this is a time for me to step into my power and be fully grounded, aligned and creative within my own self, values and what I wish to experience in this life.

It is very clear to me that I am no longer searching for who I am, in the same way that I used to in my early mid twenties and it shows in my habits, lifestyle, interactions with others and myself, as well as through my dreams, goals, mindset and understanding of life.

Everyone is on their own journey and one is never better than another, chances are you might have gone through different things in a past life and are not here to judge a fellow human being: you might have been exactly like that person you don't like at some stage and are only now learning the lessons to better yourself. We can only offer love, advise and support to the ones that want it, and the best thing we can do for the whole, is to work on ourselves to the best of our abilities and spread high vibrations through our hearts.

This is something I am fully passionate about and have been playing around with for the past 2 years for sure. I now feel a certain calm and confidence about it and feel like I have set the scene and fully know what direction to take in 2021 and onward.

I enjoy writing things down on paper - it helps me think, review my experiences and understanding of things so far, plan ahead, and set up exciting visions for myself.

During those few delightful days between Christmas and New Year's Eve - where we are sort of frozen in time waiting for the new year and the hope that it brings - I felt called to write down a list, not so much of new resolutions as you would traditionally do, but rather a list of "Past Habits I Am Free From" which are things I have struggled with greatly in the past (mainly during my third cycle) and am now happy to say are no longer part of me. Next to it I wrote another one entitled "New Habits I Am In Joy Of" which lists things that I have already been practicing for the past 6 months or so and want to keep on incorporating more of in my fourth and current 9 years cycle (age 27 - 36).

I am sharing it with you, as some people might find it inspiring to read or interesting in various ways, which is of course the main purpose of my writing on Sunny Yoga Flow Blog. I feel safe to express myself, interact with others and empower anyone who resonates with me. Anyone who might roll with my vibe and is also on the journey of finding light within themselves: I welcome you in my SUNNY COMMUNITY and hope to see more of you!

Past Habits I Am Free From:

- Carry extra weight in my body and do emotional eating.

- Seek validation, joy, love, and attention externally.

- Smoke cigarettes.

- Drink alcohol regularly just because it's in our norms.

- Say yes to drugs occasionally during social gatherings.

- Be addicted to sugar, especially chocolate.

- Live out of scarcity, fear, and limiting believes.

- Neglect my health.

- Feeling anxious.

- Be a people pleaser and try to fit in the system at the price of my own peace and values.

- Rely on Western medicine, knowledge, and culture only.

- Be passive in terms of: cleaning my house, not making small or big decisions authentically and bravely, not exploring my passions and desires fully = you have to be a creator not a passive person, it lowers your vibrations drastically and puts you in "victim mode".

New Habits I Am In Joy Of:

- Cleaning my house every Sunday morning = healthy & clear mind blossoms in a healthy, clean, breathable and decluttered environment.

- Create my own true, authentic, and empowered reality and take people on my journey.

- Incorporate the following fully into my daily routine: the magick of essential oils, natural (DIY/handmade if possible) products, holistic and spiritual concept, elements and forces of nature (like the sea, wind, plants etc).

- Practice Yoga, kindness, healing, self development, good nutrition, proper sleep, and physical activity = make this my daily holy practice.

- Be a creator: manifest and attract what I desire.

- Cultivate joy, self love, and gratitude.

- Step back into my power and regain forgotten knowledge such as the joy of working a land to harvest fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants ; know nature and our connection to it ; create various things handmade from scratch = not passively depend on industrialisation and production only. We have much more power and knowledge than we dare to dream of and I want to cherish that and promote that as much as possible.

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