• Helga Gulla Bjarkadóttir

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart.

This photo was taken two years ago. It's wild how time passes, and how we evolve and go onwards. I am grateful for it all. Sometimes I think to myself how lucky I am to still have so, so, so many years ahead of me and that I can take my sweet time birthing whatever I desire. It's a comforting and very real thought. I don't have to feel any pressure or fear from the outside world, "I have everything within me now" like my yoga teacher used to tell us in training!

For this year 2022, wow, (I still remember when it was like 2010!) I want to PLEDGE a few things to myself. It feels so sacred, and joyful.

Before I start to write things down, I am closing my eyes; feeling into my body, welcoming any sensation that arises. Tuning into that emotion, word, or colour. I want to ask myself very honestly, almost like from a confident to a confident, how are you doing? What is really important to you Helga? What do you want to develop. Forget about what is expected of you, forget others and the outside environment. What do you want for yourself love:

- Although I believe in finding the right amount of balance in things, rather than being too radical, I PLEDGE to love my body and feed it the best nutrients I possibly can - to the best of my abilities and knowledge. I PLEDGE to minimise any substances and stimulants that are harmful to my lovely body/mind and influence negatively my clarity and vitality.

- I PLEDGE to take one thing at the time, at my own pace, and not power through just to "make it" and tick that box, QUALITY over QUANTITY Helga.

- I PLEDGE to be healthy and disciplined with my finances. I PLEDGE to not commit to things or purchase something before thinking beforehand if it actually works for me and my account.

- I PLEDGE to allow myself time for reflexion before responding to an invite to meet or suggesting it myself in the spur of the moment.

- I PLEGE to myself, oh so very much, to develop my knowledge, experience and skills in the health and wellbeing sector, spiritual world and connection to all that is. I PLEDGE to work on the side of the light and always share as best I can my discoveries and best practices.

- Lastly, I PLEDGE to myself to live in the present moment, and recognize when I need to stop and ground myself, rather than letting anxiety and my mind get the better of me.

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