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Updated: Oct 7, 2021

The divine guides have told me

That I have been given cool blue eyes

To match the landscape of Iceland

And autumn leaf hair to reflect the colours of the seasons

They told me that I have travelled through the oceans

And have loved the seas just as much as the land

Throughout many lifetimes

I have learned to balance the two

I am moved by the elements of nature

Fuelled by the wind, and the sun, and the snow

Rainy days give me force and clean away

whatever I need to let go of

I am a nomad at my core

and a defender of all human beings

For I use no labels

and never judge

My soul tribe lived on boats

It was my first incarnation on earth

We sailed through the pacific

And big blue wales were my best friends

I am an old soul and a good soul

with the mission of being a compass

for others, who need to find their bright light

And help them get the courage, love, and clarity

to be their true self and shine, that is my passion

My divine guides walk with me

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