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Anger & Self-Healing: Becoming A Better Person

Do you feel near boiling point?

Does it happen to you sometimes, or often, when interacting with others and the external world... to become angry, frustrated, maybe even communicate badly and make a scene?

As a yoga and wellness teacher, a lot of the content I share is about beauty, joy and self empowerment, but what happens when I step out of the light & can't take my own advice in my daily life?

I've always loved this quote that says something like: "Healing doesn't happen on the yoga mat, it's when things are difficult that you're tested".

Being a lovely person is easy when things are easy. But who are you when things aren't going your way, when people around you or events aren't smooth. Do you close yourself off? Do you lose patience and think or speak poorly? What place does anger hold in your life?

I'm at a stage in my journey where I recognise that I'm not only love and light. I understand that experiencing the uglier sides of me as a human being is important, actually.

In the past days I haven't dealt with things gracefully. In an ideal world, I would have managed my emotions and reactions better, but instead irritation and a bad mindset came out.

Maybe it's not about stepping out of the light. Perhaps we are this duality, made of both light and darkness. "Good" and "bad" are merely tools we have to meet ourselves in the universe.

Yet, most of us gravitate towards kindness as much as we can, we undergo lows to reach highs and be the best versions of ourselves. Finding harmony and balance, being more neutral, is perhaps key.

Ultimately, whenever we experience sides of ourselves we could be better at, each time is an opportunity, a new chance we're being offered to take on a different perspective.

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