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And There Are Those Days

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

So that's the thing. You're not always going to wake up glowing. Sometimes you might feel a little down.

It can be a challenge to remain consistent in life and believe in oneself. Truth is, a lot of people are feeling a lot of things on this planet, right?

We're all building our lives to the best of our abilities and it is normal to go through phases. If everything was smooth all the time, it wouldn't be an experience nor would we get the opportunity to learn and better ourselves - which is the ultimate purpose of being alive and co-create with others. Nevertheless, for me, today was one of those mornings. Just a yucky feeling inside - finding it difficult to connect with grace and gratitude.

1) The first best thing you can do for yourself in this scenario is to accept.

Try not to fight the feeling or beat yourself up.

Pay close attention to the sensations in your body.

Holding your hands close to your heart area might feel nice: what is it telling you?

2) The second and most important part is to not get attached. Just observe your state, let it run its course. I feel like in our societies we somehow believe that we have to have it all figured out to make it and a lot of us take things a little too seriously. Which doesn't help.

3) Last but not least: I encourage you to take responsibility for your wellness. Maybe you just need some deep rest. Maybe you'd like to call someone. Practices from work out, yoga, walking outdoors, meditation, journaling, dancing, listing your gratitude, aromatherapy and breathwork (just to name a few) are also super nice and can re-center you.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, you need to be able to know yourself and know what works for you - so don't ever stop learning, evolving and experiencing.

You've got this.

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