I am very lucky to have met Helga. I was new to Yoga not so long ago and did my first initiation with Helga 2 years back when we went on holidays together in Wales. I enjoyed the class very much and loved child's pose. Helga is calm and attentive to Yoga positions and transitions. She is very good, I highly recommend her.

Angela Cimpan


I have known Helga for a few years now and her personality and dedication to health and wellbeing is second to none. Helga has a very calm manner and is passionate about yoga as well as adding value to people's lives. She has been practicing yoga for a long time now, I would not hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for a dedicated yoga teacher.

Simi Sabo


I can highly recommend Sunny Yoga Flow by Helga - healthy, good and insightful stuff suitable for everyone! Looking forward to follow this page and read more blog posts.

Klara Gunnlaugsdottir-Lucas


Helga is very passionate about Yoga, Health and Wellbeing - it's always a pleasure to be around her and have meaningful conversations.

Max Summers



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