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Heema Shah, Health & Wellbeing Adviser

Helga is always the epitome of calmness and tranquillity. Her respectful, compassionate, and intuitive nature is a compelling combination when Helga is facilitating our chair yoga sessions at the office. Helga has made the classes varied, fun and I feel so good after working with Helga’s magical yogic energy. Helga has tailored the chair yoga sessions beautifully to understand what we need as a group. Helga is a wonderful person inside and out and I cannot thank her enough for what she does. I am truly grateful for the universe opportuning us to meet, Helga really has helped me see how much my body needs to be stretched daily. I am a very active person but since Covid and being sat at the desk for long periods of times, it has taken an adjustment period to ensure I make a conscious effort to stay active outside of work. This is thanks to Helga and how fabulously flexible I feel after her chair yoga sessions. So much love Helga for all that you are, all that you do and continue to do for us all.


I am very lucky to have met Helga. I was new to Yoga not so long ago and did my first initiation with Helga 2 years back when we went on holidays together in Wales. I enjoyed the class very much and loved child's pose. Helga is calm and attentive to Yoga positions and transitions. She is very good, I highly recommend her.

Angela Cimpan


I have known Helga for a few years now and her personality and dedication to health and wellbeing is second to none. Helga has a very calm manner and is passionate about yoga as well as adding value to people's lives. She has been practicing yoga for a long time now, I would not hesitate to recommend her if you are looking for a dedicated yoga teacher.

Simi Sabo

I just discovered Helga's free guided meditations on her Sunny Yoga Flow YouTube channel and I love it. I listened to "Deep Sleep" the other day and got the best sleep I've had in years (being a mother of 2!) I will definitely be using these resources going forward. Awesome! Thanks Helga



Such a pleasant yoga class. I started my yoga journey with a great and inspiring teacher, which is all I was truly looking for: well being, comfort and professionalism. Each class is just happiness, thanks Helga ! Definitely recommended 100%

Clemence - Student at Sunny Yoga Flow

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Child's Pose

"My students say that I have a positive, vibrant energy as well as a friendly and warm personality".

- Helga, Dynamic Vinyasa Teacher