Yoga Child's Pose


Sunny Yoga Flow is a health & wellness space created and ran by Helga Gulla Bjarkadottir. You can book services and experiences such as yoga classes and guided meditations. Through her teachings, Helga’s mission is to empower you to connect with yourself and go forward with what you truly want to create should it be physical, mental, or spiritual progress. The benefit of investing in an instructor is that you get clear structure, guidance, and support towards achieving what’s important to you.

Helga’s nurturing, kind and vibrant energy is here to invite you into a place where you can be your best self and implement sustainable habits. There are also free tools available to enjoy: head over to the yoga flow videos, breathwork, meditation, or blog section to start your practice with what resonates with you the most, in your own time.

If you have any particular question, or would like to chat before booking, please contact Helga directly

on +44(0)7960 721 780 or write to

Thank you for being here and take care of yourself always!